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A mezzanine floor is a raised structural steel platform independent of your main building structure, supported by steel columns. It creates invaluable extra floor area from wasted air space above your existing work and storage areas, economically increasing the amount of space available to you.

Modular design concepts for mezzanines are the most economical & the fastest way for creating more working & space. Multi-tier systems can be designed to increase floor space up to 3 times.

The wide range of sections & profiles are manufactured to accommodate light, medium & heavy load capacities & combined with wide beam spans.

These mezzanines can be adapted to specific client requirements thanks to the wide range of accessories, decking types, etc. With the use of ‘Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors’, ‘Electric Lifting Platforms’ storage/retrieval from the higher reach on storage platforms is made easy.

The installation of mezzanine is the ideal solution to take full advantage of the surface area of industrial premises or any other premises.

Our mezzanine floors are totally mountable, which means that all items are recoverable, and their structure, dimensions & location can be easily modified. We focus on quality and efficient designs for these mezzanine floors to maximise industrial and warehouse use & space.

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